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Products & Prices

YR Bison Ranch offering hormone and drug free bison meat

YR Bison Ranch is primarily located at our homestead East of Red Deer, Alberta. Overlooking rolling hills and our hay fields we raise our buffalo in a quiet, no stress environment, where they are free to roam between fields at their will. We do not use any growth hormones, steroids or animal by-products in raising our livestock. Our herds are healthy and are not contained to small pens. We strive to offer premium meat products with a variety of different cuts and flavours.

Buffalo Steaks:

Tenderloin – Steaks 1″ thick or
Whole Tenderloin (2-4 lbs)
$35.00 lb.
Rib Eye Steaks 1″ thick
$22.00 lb.
New York Steaks 1″ thick
$18.50 lb.
Sirloin Steaks 1″ thick
$17.00 lb.
Flank Steaks (1/4 lb and larger)
$13.00 lb.
Minute Steaks – 4-6 per pack
$15.00 lb.
Round Steaks 1″ thick
$13.00 lb.
Eye of Chuck Steaks 1″ thick
$13.00 lb.

Buffalo Roasts:

Cross Rib or Sirloin Tip Roast
$14.00 lb.
Rump, Inside or Outside Round Roasts
$13.00 lb.
Brisket – Whole or Half
$13.00 lb.

Miscellaneous Buffalo: (*approximately 1 lb packs)

Back Ribs
$8.50 lb. (choose part or whole racks)
Short Ribs
$10.00 lb.
$11.00 lb.
Stir Fry
$12.50 lb.
Liver (½” thick strips)
$6.00 lb.
Ground extra lean*
$10.50 lb.
Patties (4 x approximately 6oz. ea.) – GLUTEN FREE
$16.50 package (approximately 1½ lbs.)
Seasoned Patties (4 x approximately 6oz. each)
$16.50 package (approximately 1½ lbs.)
Bacon (approximately 1/2 lb. pack) – GLUTEN FREE
$8.00 package 
Breakfast Sausage Links* – GLUTEN FREE
$12.00 lb.
Maple Breakfast Sausage Links* – GLUTEN FREE
$12.00 lb.
Breakfast Patties- now thinner* – GLUTEN FREE
$12.00 lb.
Summer Sausage, Sliced (approximately 1/2 lb. pack) – GLUTEN FREE
$13.00 lb.
Soup Bones, bone, marrow,meat
$3.00 lb.
Dog/Broth Bones, marrow/cartilage bones/ribs
$2.00 lb.
Bison Fat/Tallow, Ligaments
$1.50 lb.


Regular Smokies – GLUTEN FREE
$12.75 lb.
Cheese Smokies – GLUTEN FREE
$12.75 lb.
Jalapeno Smokies – GLUTEN FREE
$12.75 lb.
Jalapeno Cheese Smokies – GLUTEN FREE
$12.75 lb.


Regular Pepperoni – GLUTEN FREE
$12.75 lb.
Honey Garlic Pepperoni – GLUTEN FREE
$12.75 lb.
Jalapeno Pepperoni – GLUTEN FREE
$12.75 lb.


Full Muscle Jerky Regular (1/4 lb) – GLUTEN FREE
$8.50 package
Full Muscle Jerky Pepper (1/4 lb) – GLUTEN FREE
$8.50 package
Full Muscle Jerky Teriyaki (1/4 lb)
$8.50 package
Extruded Jerky (Approx. 90 g) – GLUTEN FREE
$7.50 package

**Prices subject to change without notice

There is no G.S.T. payable on our meat products.


We sell whole and half bison. This allows you to have whatever cuts you would like, in any thickness and size, as well as whatever processed items you may like. Your opportunity to enjoy many steaks and roasts for a set lower price! Our pricing includes kill, inspection, cut, vacuum sealed wrap, and grinding. Please contact us for pricing information.

We also have a variety of bison skulls, male and female, (some complete with horn caps) available if you or someone you know would like one. Prices range from $200-$350.

If you are interested in a bison robe(hide), please contact us for pricing and availability.